Secure Mobile WiFi Hotspot with embedded Cloud SIM Technology to enable unlimited data in 100+ countries.

Only $ 179,- / € 149,-
including 2GB of data in 100+ countries

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Unlimited Data

Revolutionary cloud SIM technology that enables unlimited
data in 100+ countries including USA, China, Brazil,
Australia and all of Europe.

Country overview

Secure Personal WiFi.
Anyplace, anytime.

Don’t rely on unsafe public WiFi when abroad.
Work and browse safely with We.Stream’s built in VPN solution.

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Embedded Cloud SIM
Best mobile data rates worldwide
Activate your data plan with a single click
Built-in VPN
Option for Cloud VPN tunnel
Option for Direct P2P VPN tunnel
Up to 15 hours online
Charge your devices securely
SIM slots
2 free slots to use own SIM's securely
Connect to public WiFi securely